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Xperia Z Ultra Aluminum Alloy Bumper Case

  • ₱1,69000


1. DEVILCASE Aluminum Bumper for SONY Xperia Z Ultra

2. DEVILCASE Aluminum Stand for SONY Xperia Z Ultra

2. Extra screws

3. Hex key

4. Plastic plate for magnetic dock charger



1. This bumper case is compatible with SONY's original cable and magnetic charger.

2. All buttons works perfectly.

3. Bumper case will prevent the phone from touching the surface when placed in flat surfaces.


Video Installation Guide

How to Install Bumper Case

00:08 - Separating bumper case

02:18 - How to install bumper case

04:14 - Test buttons

04:45 - How to install stand

05:35 - Using stand in different angles


How to Install Tempered Glass Screen Protector (same procedure for Z Ultra)

0:19 - Removing the old glass protector

1:35 - How to install front glass protector

3:25 - How to install back glass protector


How to install back plate support for dock charging (starts at 1:20)


The following pictures are all SONY Xperia Z Ultra installed with bumper case, front and back glass protector and lens protector.




Bumper case is compatible with magnetic charger. Please refer to our teaching video.

You can use the cell phone strap as well.


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Q : Will it fit Sony's original magnetic dock charger?

A : Yes. By using the back plate support included in the package, this will fit perfectly with the dock charger.

Q : Does the bumper case can scratch the phone?

A : This bumper case is covered with several paddings (shock absorption layers) inside. The sides of the phone will not contact directly to the aluminum side because of the paddings. But if the bumper case gets very strong impact, it may get contact to the sides of the phone because the bumper case may be out of shape and touches the phone.

Q : Is this bumper case water-proof?

A : Bumper case is not water-proof. It can't avoid your phone from getting wet. We suggest you remove the bumper case when using underwater. If you will use it underwater, let the shock absorption layers inside to dry and clean thoroughly after use.

Q : Does bumper case affect phone's reception?

A : Sony Xperia Series are made of plastic and glass. It's signal is pretty well itself so bumper case will not affect it that much compared with iPhone or HTC, but metal do affects reception so it will really depend on your location and reception.

Q : Does the phone installed with bumper case still fits with front and back tempered glass protector?

A : Yes. Watch the video installation guide for more info.

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