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Q : Where's your store in Philippines?

A : Our office is located at 26 Tambac, Malasiqui, Pangasinan. We don't have physical stores and do online selling only to maintain low prices on our products. Meet up is possible for nearby areas, contact us at 09295346252. You can also meet up our reseller for NCR area, just contact them at 09325262507.


Q : How can I confirm my order is completed?

A : Once you receive our e-mail about your order, that means we have received your order and we will prepare sending your order.

If you have already completed the order and transferred the payment as well but our website shows that your order didn’t completed, please contact us as soon as possible .



Q : Why I can’t login? Is my order completed?

A : Maybe your order has not been completed because of some reason. If you transferred to us via PayPal, please notify us about it as soon as possible.

Or your e-mail address is  incorrect, please notify us your name or phone number through e-mail so we can check if your order is completed or not. 


Q : When will you ship my order?

We ship all orders that were paid on or before 2:00 PM daily except on Saturdays.

We are unable to ship out packages on days such as Saturday and Holiday.

After an order has been shipped, we will e-mail you the LBC tracking number, so make sure that your e-mail is correct.

It used to take 24-48 hours for any tracking services to update.

Orders that are placed on weekends or holidays will be considered a "next business day order" .

Example: If order is placed on Saturday, it will be considered a Monday order.

Order Cut Off Time : 2:00 PM (GMT+8) - Any order made after 2:00 PM (GMT+8) will be considered a next business day order. 

Example: If an order is placed on Monday 01:00 PM (GMT+8) , it will be considered a Tuesday order.

Pre-Order : Pre-Order may have different shipping terms and conditions, please consult about information on the selling page.


Q : How can I track my package?

A : We will provide you the LBC tracking number once we send your package out. You can track your package here.

It used to take 24-48 hours for any tracking services to update.


Q : How many days it takes to deliver after sending out?

LBC delivery is 1 to 2 days from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


Q : I placed 2 different orders and their delivery dates are different. Can you send one of them first?

A : If you require send the product separately, we would charge you 2 different delivery fee . Please contact us about this.


Q : How can I revise my order?

A : You can use the link in the e-mail sent to you. We can also revise your order before we send your package, please contact us.


Q : Do I have to install glass protector by myself?

A : You can consult about our video installation guide to estimate if you can install it by yourself or not, every steps are very important, or you can find a mobile store in local to install for you as well.


Q : How hard the glass protector is?

A : It’s about 8H – 9H.


Q : Does bumper case affects signal?

A : We tried our best designing every bumper case and avoiding the aerial, but metal bumper case can really affects signal. If your signal is pretty well originally, bumper case wouldn't affects that much, but if yours is not so well, metal bumper case may not be your best choice. 


Q : Can bumper case gets wet?

A : Bumper case is not water-proof, it can't avoid your phone from getting wet. We suggest you take off the bumper case and let shock absorption layers inside to dry in case they're submerged underwater.


Q : My component is missing, can I order it from you ?

A : We can provide you any component such as screw, screw driver, control key, shock absorption layers, headset plug. You can remark what component you want next time you order, and we will send it out together.



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