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Apple iPhone 7 | 8 | 7+ | 8+ | 5 | 5S | SE | 6 | 6S | 6+ | 6S+ Full Glass Protector

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1. Glass Protector

2. Cleaning Set (alcohol pad, cleaning pad, dust cleaning sticker, cleaning cloth, anti-slip pad)


-made of ASAHI glass from Japan
-0.5mm thickness - full glass
-9H surface hardness
-2.5D rounded edge
-enhanced touch
-anti-scratch coated
-precise cut tempered glass
-easy DIY


Video Installation Guide

Installation of Full Glass Protector for iPhone 6/6+

00:39 - Installing Full Glass (black) protector on gray iPhone 6

05:36 - How to clean the Full Glass (black) protector before reusing it

Note: Full Glass Protector are available in white and black print. Choose the color depending on the color of your phone. For silver and gold phones, choose white. For gray phone, choose black. Black and white part are printed on glass.



FULL Glass Protector for iPhone 5/5s/SE

Color: Black, White, Rose Gold


We suggest you use this item with our bumper case.

If you don't use bumper case / leather wallet / other protection, it feels a little bit sharp when you grab your phone with just full glass protector.

If your phone is silver or gold, we suggest you use full white glass protector.

If your phone is gray, use full black glass protector then.

The white and black part are printed on glass, if your screen has some scratch or you install it with a wrong way and cause bubble, the printed part will cover them all up.


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