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PET Camera Lens Protector

  • ₱18000


1. Lens Protector (different type of phone comes with different quantity)

2. Cleaning Set : dust cleaning sticker, cleaning cloth, tweezers, anti-slip pad


Video Installation Guide

How to Install Lens Protector for SONY XZ & XC


How to install lens protector (same procedure for other phone models)

00:36 - Put your phone on anti-slip pad

00:47 - Use cleaning pad to wipe lens if it's stained

01:37 - Bend the transparent base to make lens protector peels off from where arrow pointing at

02:15 - Use tweezer to pick up the lens protector and put it on lens

02:38 - Press it a little , make all the bubble disappear

02:40 - Peel off the blue outside layer

03:35 - Lens protector on Samsung Galaxy Note4

03:40 - Lens protector on SONY Xperia Z3

03:50 - Lens protector on HTC One M8


Iphone X

Galaxy S8 | S8+

DevilCase Lens Protector for Galaxy S8 | S8+

Xperia XZ & XC

iPhone 7 & 7+

HTC 10





Q : Will it affect the quality of photo?

A : No.

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